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So, if you haven't noticed by now, we have registered We had it redirecting to this page for quite some time, but I finally broke down and gave comicpress a try. I've got the theme all hacked up into little bits, and the front page displays most wonderfully. However, navigation is a bit of a bitch. If anybody can help with wordpress/comicpress hacking (php/css), I'd appreciate some advice if you have time. Anyhow, as I said, the main page displays just fine, so feel free to change your links over to This page will continue to update, but this space where I post the blurbs will change less frequently.

Ancestor is a novel by Scott Sigler that was distributed in podcast form. It's quite entertaining and is available on both and Please check it out! He has a few other books as well, all equally entertaining (actually, I like Earthcore more).



Michelle is a total slackerOMG! She should send Nuri a blurb to put up cuz Nuri loves her SO much she will make one up if one isn't sent soon. Hahahahaha...

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